How to style a room

Perfect propping.

Advice on how to style your interiors so they’re certain to be camera-ready!

As an interiors stylist, I often get asked how I prep interior spaces before a photo shoot. Whether shooting for a magazine or simply adding images to my portfolio, interior design, space and lighting need to be considered. Here is my advice on how to style your interiors for a photo shoot.

Sea Mist Kitchen


You don’t want images cluttered with too many objects. Keep the interiors simple by making the room clean and tidy. Fluff pillows, straighten drapes, and clean surfaces.

Casa Vista living space

Bring never-fail props.

A room can be instantly uplifted with beautiful flowers, art books and magazines. Work with what you have in the home. Move a vase or a bowl, have a cookery book open on the kitchen counter, or a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of wine on the table. Add a simple flower arrangement to the vase and lemons to the bowl. Living things bring life to the room and the photography.

Pay attention to reflection.

If there is a mirror in the room, it’s an opportunity to bring something chic into the shoot in a subtle way. Position flowers or a piece of art so that they appear in the mirror’s glass.

Sea Mist coastal bedroom design

Break up the bed.

King-size beds can look over-powering in a room. Break it up with a blanket at the foot and decorative pillows at the head. This will be easier on the eye and help create a softer feel to the space.

Put shelves in order.

When styling bookshelves, group like with like, while still keeping things from looking too uniform. To break up the books, introduce a plant or a piece of art leaning against the back.

Casa Vista beach inspired bedroom design

Keep it natural.

Natural light makes a space feel open and welcoming. Draw back curtains, open shutters and pull back blinds.

Don’t make it too perfect.

Let the room breathe. The pillows don’t have to be perfectly aligned. Let things slip a little, it makes the space more interesting, as it feels lived in. At least one thing in the camera’s frame should be a little off, to keep things from looking boring.